Paramedic Training Scholarship Application

Program Description

By completing this application, the applicant below is certifying a request for consideration by the company for the potential issuance of a paramedic training scholarship. The paramedic scholarship provides for a potential scholarship award of up to $5,000 for direct tuition payments to the participant’s chosen Los Angeles County-approved Paramedic Training Program. The candidate may also be eligible to receive up to $500 payable to the training program for the cost of books and campus parking fees. All participants that are accepted must enter into a written agreement with the company. Participants will be required to maintain full-time status with the company and work a minimum of 40-hours each week during the training period. Candidates must also work for the company as a paramedic for a period of at least 12-months after obtaining their paramedic license. Participants must begin working for the company as a paramedic within 90-days of completion of the paramedic program.

Applicant Information

Applicant Name(Required)
Phone Type(Required)
Assigned Station(Required)
You will need to enter a written agreement to patriciate in the scholarship program. Are willing to enter into an agreement and abide by its terms and conditions upon signing it?(Required)
You will be required to work as a paramedic for the company for a period of at least 12-months after obtaining paramedic licensure. Are you willing to work for the company as required under the scholarship program agreement?(Required)
The Scholarship Program agreement requires participants to work for the company on a full-time basis as an EMT during the entire training period, and to maintain an average work schedule of at least 40-hours per week. Are you willing to do so?(Required)
How Soon Would you Like to Start Paramedic Shool?(Required)

Completed Education Level(Required)

Applicant Certificaiton

By signing below, I understand and agree that my acceptance for consideration of the issuance of a paramedic training scholarship is contingent on many factors and that if my application is accepted and I am issued a scholarship related to this application, that I must enter into and abide by each of the terms and conditions of the written paramedic training scholarship agreement referenced herein.
eSignature. By printing my name in the box above, I am hereby certifying my submission of this application for consideration by the company for paramedic training scholarship as described herein.
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