Our Story

AmbuServe was founded in September 2000.  From the inception, Melissa Harris our president and chief executive officer, had a vision to build a company that remains focused on providing patient centered service.

Headquartered in Gardena, California, AmbuServe first offered basic life support ambulance service to the greater South Bay area of Los Angeles County.

With the warm reception of our clients for our basic life support ambulance service, AmbuServe expanded its service offerings to include advanced life support (paramedic) ambulance service and critical care transport service.  Additionally, event medical coverage services were added to our service offerings.

AmbuServe continued to grow when it obtained licensing to operate within the City of Los Angeles and expanded its service area throughout the Westside and central areas of Los Angeles.  Later, AmbuServe’s service area was again increased to include the City of Long Beach and eastern Los Angeles County cities to the north along the San Gabriel River up to Whittier.  With each expansion of its service area, AmbuServe added staff and ambulance vehicles to accommodate the increasing demand for its service offerings.

From its humble beginning, AmbuServe has grown to become a full-service regional ambulance service provider operating in two counties offering a wide spectrum of emergency medical services.  As a women owned and operated local company, AmbuServe is proud of our success which has been built on a proven track record of delivering quality ambulance service and event medical services to our clients.

The services of AmbuServe were being sought by many regional healthcare provider entities across the southern California region.  In 2014, AmbuServe responded to this demand, and expanded into the San Fernando Valley with the opening of a regional deployment center located in Van Nuys to serve a growing clientele in this area.   It was evident, old fashioned friendly customer service was still valued by our clients.

In 2015 Shoreline Ambulance, an Orange County-based ambulance service, became an affiliated partner of AmbuServe; and in 2016, officially merged with AmbuServe expanding AmbuServe’s service area to include Orange County.  Due to its local community support, AmbuServe continues to operate in Orange County under the Shoreline Ambulance name to honor the goodwill of the brand.

in 2016, RSI/Medic-1 Ambulance also became an affiliate of AmbuServe.  Now, managed by AmbuServe, RSI/Medic-1 continues its long tradition of providing top-notch quality ambulance service to clients throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

With expertise in medical reimbursements, Melissa Harris approaches each client partnership with a unique ability to identify and offer specialized transportation programs that provide the highest level of service at the most reasonable price.  Its this basic straight-forward approach our success has been built on.

Along the way, AmbuServe has attracted a group of talented team members dedicated to AmbuServe’s mission of providing exceptional service.  We are proud of our entire team, for every one of our employees is a vital part of our success.  Its important to us that every client encounter is comprised of AmbuServe employees’ smiles and friendly courteous service.

For more than a decade, AmbuServe has been the first choice for many users’ of ambulance and event medical services, we appreciate the support and we look forward to serving our clients for many more years to come.